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What’s driving incredible growth of .br (Brazil) domains?

Attentive readers of CENTR reports may have noticed that each year brings hundreds of thousands of new .br domains, bringing the ccTLD to the number seven position worldwide. In stark contrast to other fast risers, this is a TLD with restrictive policies belonging to a country with internet penetration of only 60%. So what gives?

The easy answer to this question is that Brazil is a huge country with steady growth in terms of the number of internet users. As you might imagine, this trend isn’t fully explained by Brazilian vendors creating websites to service their customers.
One major factor is a shifting definition of “trustee service.” For more than a decade, major brands have sought out Brazilian law firms and boutique vendors to register domains on their behalf. However, the associated costs and procedures used to be prohibitive for domain name investors. Led by Toweb, volume-based business models for trustee services have emerged, allowing investors to register and pay only negligible surcharges for so-called “local presence service.”

Toweb’s records indicate that while international investors have led the charge on speculative registrations, Brazilian domainers are doing their part. This is especially true in regards to generic Portuguese terms and three-letter combinations. The latter group has only 1,250 available domains under of a possible 17,500 combinations.

So is there still a chance for lucrative investment in .br domains? The answer is a resounding “yes.” The safest bet would be to snatch up the 1,250 LLL names referenced in the previous paragraph, but another trend is also taking shape: English words. Most internet users have some knowledge of the language and high-value terms are being registered by international and local investors alike.

If you’d like to place a bet on this ccTLD, please feel free to reach out to us at and we’d be happy to reveal the remaining names as well as some key English words that remain available.