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As a key component of web visibility and an avenue for third-parties to make unauthorized use of commercial names, domains have become a key area for brand identity.  For this reason, companies are taking increased precaution to monitor their domain name portfolio to protect the integrity of their brands.

By registering domains that either exactly match commercial names or which have a difference of one or two characters, persons acting in bad faith can attempt to misdirect users attempting to access brand holders’ content.  Upon encountering scams or unrelated content, these users can form an unfavorable opinion of the brand.

It’s not cost effective to try to prevent all such registrations, as this would involve an enormous defensive portfolio and a huge investment in disputes.  This fact has led brand holders to establish a clear strategy, involving decisions regarding what domains to register preventatively and what types of registrations should trigger legal action.

Toweb can support you in all of these areas, first by monitoring new domain registrations to detect matches with protected concepts.  In addition, we keep an eye on popular outlets in the secondary market as domains tend to show up on these.  If such a domain is detected, we send you a report and can provide information on available recovery options.  Toweb can connect you to individuals skilled in the particular method of domain recovery needed for a particular situation.