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When you receive a report from Toweb or otherwise learn that a domain matching your brand or commercial name has fallen into the hands of a third party, there are two general ways that we can help you get it back.

Domain Acquisitions:
Toweb has personnel with experience negotiating the purchase of domains held by other parties.  This is done in a transparent way, so as to not let the current owner identify the interested party and raise the price accordingly.  This is a service with several different aspects:

  • Assigning a market value to the domain
  • Obtaining and presenting offers to the current owner and coordinating with the client to respond to these
  • Handling payment to the domain owner in a manner that negates the possibility of fraud.
  • Execution of the domain transfer into Toweb management.

Domain Recovery:
If negotiations fail or the domain represents a blatant misappropriation of a trademarked term, sometimes it’s advisable to present a dispute as opposed to seeking acquisition through negotiation.  Toweb is connected to a network of professionals that can guide you through these processes.


0Dispute processes vary greatly between TLDs, but the most common policy is UDRP (Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution) or some variation thereof.  We have access to lawyers experienced in UDRP, as well as other legal partners that can assist in the necessary procedures for TLDs that do not abide by UDRP.